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We provide access to up-to-date financial data across the SME private market sector through our core database of 31 million balance sheets and monthly updates of 250,000 balance sheets.

We provide investment management solutions to both institutional and individual clients.

We work with asset managers, wealth managers, hedge funds, investment banks, private equity firms, commercial lenders, venture capitalists, business angels, finance houses, business brokers and the financial sector in general.

This includes assessing risks, finding opportunities, developing strategies for reaching financial objectives and working with companies to create resilient businesses.

You cannot predict market volatility but you can prepare by keeping up to date with the latest balance sheet filings of SMEs.

Through regular monthly balance sheet monitoring, we ensure that investment activities are always in line with current circumstances.

You can download an illustrative, descriptive 6 page leaflet here.

The CORE order form is here and the monthly update order form here.

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